Pure Michigan Maple Syrup

Pure Michigan Maple Syrup

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This “Pure Michigan” Maple Syrup is harvested from a local Northern Michigan farm owned by third generation Friske cousins, Scott and Derek. They practice sustainable farming and every jar of beautiful Maple Syrup is also Certified Organic. We couldn’t be more pleased to bring you this new lineup of the best quality Maple Syrup around!

DID YOU KNOW? The “sticky” on the health benefits of Maple Syrup:
•Manganese (aids in energy production)
•Zinc (helps your immune system)
•Calcium (great for strengthening bones and teeth)
•Riboflavin (aids in metabolic processes)
•Magnesium (associated with lowered risk of heart disease)
•Potassium (helps to maintain a normal blood pressure)

This product is: Vegan | Gluten Friendly | GMO Free | Organic

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