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'Tis the Season!

Availability and U-Pick information for Friske's

Friskes farm market fruit stand

Fresh produce currently available for purchase in the fruit stand...

The following come directly from our farm to your home:

  • Asparagus 

  • Rhubarb

  • Apples (see list below for varieties)

Local and Michigan Produce:

  • Walnuts (in shell)

U-Pick Apples

Time: Done for the Season!

Asparagus Friskes

Asparagus! Expected in May

Friskes Rhubarb Michigan

Rhubarb! Expected in May

Apple Varieties we harvest:
Braeburn - AVAILABLE
Deer Apples - Available upon request
Golden Delicious - AVAILABLE (Utility Grade Only)
Honeycrisp - AVAILABLE
Cortland - GONE FOR SEASON (Mid Sept)
Crimson Crisp - NONE THIS SEASON (Early October)
Duchess - GONE FOR SEASON (Early August)
Empire - GONE FOR SEASON (Mid Sept)
Fuji - Mid Sept.
Gingergold - GONE FOR SEASON (Mid August)
Granny Smith - GONE FOR SEASON (Early Oct)
Ida Red - Mid Sept
Jersey Mac - GONE FOR SEASON (Early August)
Jonamac - GONE FOR SEASON (Late September)
Jonathan - NONE FOR THIS SEASON (Late September)
Jonagold - GONE FOR SEASON (Mid Sept)
Lodi (Transparent) - GONE FOR SEASON (Late July/ Early August)
Macintosh - Gone (Early Sept)
Northern Spy - Gone (Late Sept)
Paula Red - GONE FOR SEASON (Early August)
Pink Lady - GONE FOR SEASON (Late Oct)
Red Delicious - GONE FOR SEASON (Late Sept)
Spartan - GONE FOR SEASON (Late Sept)
Zestar! - GONE FOR SEASON (Early/ mid August)